Bulgaria. Pomorie. Real estate.

Bulgaria. Pomorie. Real estate.

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Buying property in Bulgaria.

Dear customers! We will help You choose and buy property in Bulgaria. We have a large database of real estate and can offer our clients as an apartment from the owner(resale) and directly from the developer (new construction). Our main direction - property in Pomorie in the Burgas region. We will help you to buy the property inexpensive, the procedure of buying property will be a quick and pleasant. If You want to buy a house or a plot of land for construction in Bulgaria, we will advise you on the purchase of land by foreign citizens in the Republic of Bulgaria. Opening a company in Bulgaria is one of the services provided by our firm, after which you can purchased any plot of land with or without a house on a legal person without any restrictions. One of our fields - the sale of apartments in the old historical part of Pomorie. We also help in obtaining a residence permit, the acquisition and registration of the vehicle, other issues related to long-term residence on the territory of Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian lawyer will assist You in legal matters. Licensed translator from Bulgarian to Russian and from Russian into Bulgarian translate and legalize all the necessary documents. Also we will recommend the best insurance company in Bulgaria.

To buy property in Bulgaria prices

Viva More offers property in Bulgaria for sale and rent. Among the variety of real estate, which offers Bulgaria, houses occupy a special place. Primarily because of the acquisition of land on which the house stands, foreign nationals are required the opening of the company. That is , if You want a house in Bulgaria to buy, then You need to turn to professionals to work around the sharp corners. But it's the legal side, where you can rely on our firm.

House in Bulgaria coopit is easy, but You'll need the advice of professionals, and we will take care! We can pick You up as a luxury Villa with sea views and an old house in the countryside.

In order for a house in Bulgaria to buy for yourself, you need to first decide for what purpose You are going to buy it. Completely different things - buying a house in Bulgaria on the sea and in other areas. In the first case it is necessary to consider that the earth is more expensive, but the level of construction is usually higher than in other areas. If You are interested in buying a house for permanent residence without reference to the proximity to the sea, it is a much larger segment of offers in the lower price category. You also need to consider whether you want to rent a house in Bulgaria to rent.

Among the apparent abundance of proposals, it is difficult to find really good options, and without the aid of a expert it is difficult to understand the nuances of the market sales of homes in Bulgaria, to check the property for legal clarity.
Do not forget that maintaining a home is costly and effort than the maintenance of the apartment. Therefore, for many, buying villas is the best option. Since, in Your absence caring for Your property takes care of the catering company.
For the selection of databases to purchase a home in Bulgaria, please contact us in any convenient way. We will do our best to have your house for sale in Bulgaria was successful!

Holiday in Bulgaria. One of the best options of vacation - rent apartments in Bulgaria in the private sector. We offer You various accommodation options of Your choice. Individual settings will find accommodation in hotels or private sector in Bulgaria! Focusing in local prices, we will help You to plan the budget of Your holiday. All services will advise the best ratio price-quality. Organize individual excursions ! Wine tourism is very interesting direction in this area.Professional drivers Shuttle services or shopping tours. Also in Bulgaria available to a variety of sports activities. Well developed water sports - kite surfing and Windsurfing. Will not leave anyone indifferent boat trips on the Black sea. We will make Your holiday in Bulgaria unforgettable adventure!

Will also advise You on repair, purchase of materials, installation of heating and solar systems, purchase of furniture and other things related to the move to a new home and settling You and Your family in Bulgaria.

Sincerely, Natalie Zhitkova.

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